Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Monochrome Chic

Have you been trouble coming up with an outfit? That moment when you look on your closet, you have nothing to wear even there are hundreds of clothes to mix and match. You are not alone, coz  I do feel it at times. Trouble with color pairing. But I solve this dilemma by going monochrome. This is what I'm going to share to you today. A casual approach with the monochrome trend.

What is monochrome?
It is fashion ensemble with the same hue. It can be bright, dark or nude colors. It depends on what color you prefer. Monochrome is a timeless trend wherein you can wear it whatever the season was. It is the most classic and versatile look. One more thing about monochrome is you always look smart. Actually, black and white is the easiest and simplest color to try for the monochromatic look. There are lots of ways where black and white can be paired together to create a laid-back outfit.

In my look, I chose to wore black from top to bottom. A black sleeveless top and a black pants plus a black flat shoes. I find the outfit is being minimalist so I paired the black ensembles with a white knitted cardigan that I newly bought. At the same time it creates a layering style. I also add a little splash of brown color that perfectly coordinate with the whole outfit.

So if you are having trouble on what to wear, I highly recommend you go with a monochrome look coz you will never get wrong with the yin yang color. Like what Karl Lagerfeld says "Black and white always looks modern, whatever that word means."

Cardigan from Max Fashion | Top and Pants from Forever21 | Bag from Mango | Shoes from Milano

Now, I want to hear from you. Do you like black and white outfits? Let me know your thoughts and opinion. I do appreciate your comments. :)


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Back To School

Ooooooops! I'm not going back to school but this post is for my lovely readers who still needs to go to school. I went on mall and saw those back to school promos on different boutiques and shops. If I'm not mistaken, summer break is finally over and school year have started. Right? 

For sure, a lot of you aren't happy coz most of us hates school. But girls, don't be sad! After weeks of fun and roadtrips, atlast you'll gonna meet your friends and classmates again. Ofcourse it will be another stylish semester for you and for your bestie!

Since school have just started and I kinda missed going to school, I want to feature a back to school outfit. For sure, a lot of girls are having trouble with what they are going to wear on school. I know, girls will always be girls, we want to be trendy and fashionable. To solve your dilemmas, let me share the outfit I used to wear when I was still studying in college. 

I usually have the grunge style wherein the punk style meets the working-class outfit. Grunge style is all about layering clothes yet still being comfortable and not caring how you look. Clothes that grungers usually wear are baggy flannel over a shirt, ripped jeans or skin-tight pants, high top shoes like converse, beanies or bandana and cool bracelets.

For my look, instead of wearing a flannel,  I chose to wore a baggy longsleeves-buttoned down shirt over a black sleeveless top. Then I paired it with a black skinny jeans rather than a ripped jeans. Coz some schools don't allow students wearing ripped jeans. So before you wear those ripped jeans, you should first check your student handbook or else, you'll end up at the guidance counselor office. I know, you wouldn't like it. :) 

To complete the look, I wore a black sneakers. I always choose to wear sneakers on schools rather than flats shoes or sandals. My feet feels more comfortable with sneakers. 

After school and you still want to hang out with your friends, you can remove those longsleeves and just tie it around your waist. And that's it! A simple look that will make you school day more stylish! 

Top from Splash | Longsleeves from Romwe | Jeans from Forever 21 | Shoes from Nike

Overall, this is an example of a balance outfit where you look super stylish yet super effortless. There are lots of style you can wear on school but one of my go to style would be the grunge.


Monday, September 21, 2015


I'm so excited to share to you a new social platform that I have stumbled on the world wide web. Have you heard Glamhive? If not, you should read on...

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One more thing that you will surely love on this platform is their Glamhive Points. You get rewarded for shopping and sharing. Yes! You can earn from referral purchases and purchases made through Glamhive. What would happen with Glamhive Points you've earned? If you have earned thousands of points, it can be use for shopping on your favorite brands in Glamhive. So adorable! Right!? What are you waiting for? Create your account now at Glamhive and follow fudgeitscrissy