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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A miracle.

Look who's baaaaack!!!
After five months of being away, I'm getting back on track again and again. A lot of things happened to me the past months and I even forgot that my blog turns 1. *sorry readers! we haven't celebrated my blog anniversary :(* But after all, I decided to start and create a new life and leave everything behind. It's a miracle that I'm getting better now! 

For a fresh start, here's an outfit post for you lovely readers.
I will describe everything in one word. Change. I have lots of them as of the moment. There are times when I miss how things used to be but on the other hand, I need to face the reality that everything change. I'm striving on the real world now. Working, earning and saving up for my future is my priority. No more unproductive days and social life. :( Day offs are the only time I can wear laid back clothes, have fun and mingle with friends. Though I'm busy on my work, I can see that I'm becoming a matured person now.

Speaking of changes, another thing that's included there is my style. I'm more on classy pieces and girly clothes. Unlike before, I usually wore shirts, shorts or pants and I'm good to go. The way I dress myself now is much better than what I wore before. 

Nowadays, I am more comfortable wearing dresses like this stripe body con dress. Have you noticed that I look fatty fat in that dress? That's the twist of wearing horizontal stripes for slim girls like me. It makes me look fat. hoooooooray! :)

Monochromatic colors seems plain, same with the pale shoes I wore. To make this look eye-catching like the flowers in Miracle Graden, I topped it with a pink cardigan. And tadaaaah! the outfit is good to go! Look at the back view, its like I'm wearing an office attire. right!?

Oh! this look wouldn't be complete without this black sling bag from Mango. It is much better to used a black bag same with the color of the dress. Black is good to pair for all kinds of color. Right!?

Forever 21 Stripe body con Dress (like this) | Splash Raglan Sleeve Cardigan (like this)
Mango Sling Bag | Parisian Comfy Shoes

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This was shoot at Miracle Garden at Al Barsha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Saturday, November 30, 2013

October - November Haul.

Recently, I've been out of track posting things here on my blog. I just had several tough personal issues and up to now it was still a burden for me. But I hope everything would be fine soon. Going back with my blog, I'll introduce a new feature for my blog, the monthly haul. Yes, I decided to post the items I received every end of the month and would focused more with outfits and inspirations. As a start, here are the items I got for the month of October and November.

Got these items from Ahaishopping two weeks ago and until now I haven't tried wearing any of these clothes. Like what I said, I have personal problems that's why I can't do photoshoot for my blog. I can't even smile and pose nicely for a picture. My apology my dear readers. I promise to share outfit post soon. Anyway, I was disappointed with their shipping because I payed for express shipping fee of $14 and it didn't arrived with 3-7 days. Can you believe that I waited for a month to have these items? Such a waste of money. I can even buy one top or dress for that $14 isn't it?

A closer look for the clothes I got from Ahaishopping

Next item that I got was from Oasap, the velvet skirt that I have won from their facebook giveaway. Check out their facebook account for other promos and giveaways.

That's all for now. See you soon as I get back on track my readers :)


Friday, November 29, 2013

Taylor Swift inspired comeback look.

As far as I could remember, I was away for about a month and two weeks to be exact. Another long blog hiatus again. Just a proof that I'm not a good fashion blogger. Sorry lovely readers! I have some dilemmas and personal issues I face that time when I was out in the cyber world. I can say that it was really the darkest period of my 2013. I was still facing those problems but I'm thankful that as day passes by its getting better and better. I missed you guys to the nth power! I hope to get back on track as soon as possible.

On the other hand of tonight's post, maybe you're wondering why I inserted a photo of Taylor Swift here in my blog. I find her outfit on the photo above as the perfect outfit for my comeback. Yes! I'm trying to channel a Taylor Swift inspired outfit with a touch of my own version. Have you heard Taylor's song entitled 'Red'? It's about Taylor's heart broken feeling right?! As soon as I saw this photo, all I can feel is Taylor's rebel side because wearing red and black present yourself as bold and classy. Those color shows confidence and being fearless. That's the reason why I tried to made my own version of Taylor's outfit. I want to show a rebellious side of me in Taylor's way. (not like Miley's way)

Every person has its own way of expressing his/her self that's why I don't want to judge Miley too. But for myself, I just want to look classy and beautiful that everyone get envious of. Its my way of showing that despite of the problems I face, I can still be pretty and seems nothing happen to me on the past days. Also, I want to show a stronger and better person. Oh before I forgot, the white color shows hope which means the good side and light to fight.

More about this look, stripes is definitely a must have for slim girls. It gives a wider look. At the same time, its monochromatic color shows a classy and sophisticated look. Its the reason why this two piece are perfect combination because the velvet skirt gives a classy look too. Meanwhile, the 3/4 sleeves makes my lengthened arms look moderate on its length and the skirt emphasize my towering legs. It portray the ideal figure a girl wants. Right!?

Sherlaine's signature pose.
Forever21 Stripe Dress worn as top (like this) | Oasap Red Velvet Skirt (like this)

What can you say about this look?
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Feeling Homesick.

Sheinside Navy Short Sleeve Geek Print Crop T-shirt | Sheinside Leopard Elastic Waist Straight Shorts
ExtremeFinds Arm Candies | Mango Sling Bag | New Look Blue Wedge Shoes

This past few days, i'm feeling homesick. Yeah! I miss my hometown, my own country where I was born. Early this morning (Dubai time), I heard Philippines is suffering different calamities right now. Flood, Typhoon, and Earthquake. #PrayforthePhilippines I hope everyone is safe especially the people who lives in Cebu and Bohol. I felt sorry for what earthquake did to the two beautiful tourist province in the Philippines. Different old structures and heritage sites especially churches were destroyed by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake. I wish for everyone's safety and I'm praying that the government of the Philippines would give budget to renovate those churches that takes place on the history of the Philippines. 

Moving on, due of being homesick this past few days I was inspired to have this outfit post. I do miss wearing shorts when meeting friends, doing errands or window shopping. I have some errands with my dad recently and this outfit is what I wore. The geek printed top is a crop t-shirt so I decided to pair it with a high waisted short so I can tank it in. I wish the combination I made looks good though. What can you say?